Herzlich Willkommen

Ankum again!


Laura and Imagine got placed 8th at the L level dressage in Ankum. It was very special for me as we could watch them live during our holiday in Germany. Congratulations!

Big move for my little Perlinchen


Crown Ivory moved to Germany to be started under the saddle and do her mare shows as well as performance testing. I also hope she likes the german boys and comes back pregnant in autumn.

and it may continue….


They did it again and got placed 4th twice in the L leve dressage tests in Ankum. Very proud!

Loose Jumping


Loose Jumping
My boys turn three this year and so we did some loose jumping practice. I don’t want them to start work to early so that is the first steps into working life done in a very playful way.

Brilliant start into the new season!


Successful start into the new season for Laura & Imagine
They got placed 3rd and 4th in their first L level dressage tests in Ankum! Well done you two!!!!!!

Weaning time and a new handsome boy


Lillybelle, Lissadora and SkyHigh d’Amour got weaned and moved into their kindergarten at Rodden Farm. I bought Sky a friend to grow up with and I am proudly presenting “Dumond” a very handsome chestnut colt by Danciano. Everything went smoothly and the girls gang made Lilly and Lissadora the new life without mums very welcoming.



My beloved Gladstone left us to be a heaven horse on the 4th of November. We spent more as half my lifetime together, lived in many different countries together and had our up and downs with his health. I kept my promise that I gave him which was that I would one day see him from kitchen window in big fields happily grazing. I made this true and he spent 4 1/2 years at my doorstep here in Dorset. Goodbye my grey giant! I will always miss you!

Deanegra zieht ins sonnige Spanien


Eine Kundin aus Spanien hat sich sofort in die schwarze Perle verliebt und so darf Deanegra (v. De Niro x Gribaldi) bald ins sonnige Spanien ziehen! Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!

Mein Valentinsgeschenk ist hier! Willkommen Lorettina

Image00005 (3)

Lorettina ist heute aus Deutschland angekommen und fuehlt sich schon sichtlich wohl. Lorettina ist tragend von Fashion Maker fuer 2015.

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